Current projects

Eldoret Project
Galaxy Alpha Modern kiosks


Active Projects

Wajir County  Kiosks/Markets
In Wajir County, We are currently installing well over 200 Standard Galaxy Kiosks, Restuarants and Milk Market Sheds. This project has been roundly praised by the locals as well as other stakeholders as transformative and uplifting the livelihoods of citizens in the informal sector

Sotik Bus Terminus
Sotik Bus terminus is the mother of all market transformations. If we recommend anyone to see the phenomenal work we are doing, we refer you to Sotik Terminus.

Bomet Town Market
Bomet Market, only 30 minutes from Sotik Town has captured the attention of both the locals and the non-locals driving by. On a little elevation, the Modern Kiosks are new breath of freshness into the town of Bomet. Having completed well over 130 Modern Kiosks nw, many traders in the sector are demanding for more to be offered by the County.

Chuka IgambNgombe Constitency
As you drive out of Embu towards Chuka, you will not resist noticing the imposing colourful Bodaboda Sheds slabbed on either side with a Modern Kiok. Each Shed can accommodate well over 20 Bikers.